Tailgate Crockpots
Season 1; Episode 12

Categories: Side Dish, Pasta

Yield Information
Number of Portions: 4 Servings

Macaroni and Cheese
Quantity Unit Ingredient
½ Pound Macaroni Cooked al dente unrinsed
1 Pint Half & half
¼ Cup All purpose flour
4 Tablespoons Unsalted butter
½ Pound American cheese Sliced
1 Cup Cheddar cheese Shredded
1 teaspoon The Edge


In a medium sauce pot, melt butter over medium heat and add flour to make the roux.

Add the half and half, and whisk until smooth. Bring to a simmer for 2 minutes and shut heat down. Slowly fold in slices of American cheese, one at a time, melting into cream. 

In a medium bowl, toss pasta with cheese sauce, fold in shredded cheddar and add The Edge.

Reserve in crock pot

Categories: Main Dish, Pork

Yield Information
Number of Portions: 12 Servings

Pulled Pork
Quantity Unit Ingredient
4 Pounds Pork butt Bone in
2 teaspoons The Edge
1 Tablespoon Olive oil
½ Cup> Red wine
1 Quart Beef stock
1 Pint BBQ sauce Your favorite


Rub the pork butt with the Edge and sear all corners in a hot pan with 1 tsp oil. Deglaze the pan with red wine. 

Transfer pork and wine to a roasting pan and add beef stock. Cover and roast slow and low in a 325º F oven for at least 2 hours, or until pork shreds with a squeeze from the tongs.

Dress with BBQ sauce and reserve in crock pot

Categories: Side Dish, Beans

Yield Information
Number of Portions: 8 Servings

Anodized Beans
Quantity Unit Ingredient
2 Cups Navy beans Par-cook 1 hour, strain
½ Pound Peppered bacon Chopped
1 Medium Onion Diced
3 Tablespoons Molasses
1 teaspoon Ground mustard
3 teaspoons Ketchup
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
¼ Cup brown sugar
Cups Beef stock
Cups Water
½ teaspoon The Edge


Brown the bacon and onion in a medium saucepan.

Add the beans and stir in the rest of the ingredients. Add stock and water, and simmer for about an hour. Adjust seasoning with The Edge, as needed.  

Add to crock pot.