We released this show in August of 2010 with the desire to show people how to make some great food that they may not think they can cook, while also exposing them to some great unknown music.  We would love to increase the quality and frequency of the show, but we can only go so far while we are funding this from our own pockets.

That being said here are some ways the you can help us make the show better.   

  1. Spread the word.  - Tell people about the show. The more people who watch, especially from our website and blip, the better chance of receiving a share of revenue of the ads that play before and after the episode.
  2. Amazon Referrals.  - Use the search box to right whenever you are looking for something from Amazon and we could get a referral fee from Amazon. This will cost you nothing extra, other than a few extra seconds to come here before hitting Amazon.
  3.   Donate.  - If you have some extra money you are willing to use to help us out, you can donate to the show through the PayPal Donate button to the right.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please help us improve the show. Also if you like the music you hear check out the band pages to find out how you can help support the great bands who have given us permission to feature their music.