Resolution15 is a band whose sound is rooted in thrash, metal, hardcore, punk, and classical music that uses violins in place of guitars to disseminate their egalitarian message of global change.

Formed in 2007, Resolution15 released their self-titled debut and quickly became a fixture in the New York metal scene.

The EP Satyagraha was then released in April 2010 with Corey Unger (guitarist of the seminal New England metalcore band Blood Has Been Shed) as producer.

Res has now joined forces with the incomparable Ryan Kelly (Opeth, Winds of Plague, Jay-Z, Matsiyahu, Beyonce, etc.) for their latest ongoing recording project, The Svaha Sessions. This series of single tracks aims to capture the raw energy of a live performance by going live to tape to minimize edits and any unnecessary studio wizardry. The first of these, Yama, was self-released on May 10, 2011.

Their latest full length album Svaha was released on January 13, 2012

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