New Show Ideas

A few words from Bob. I have been running over some ideas for new shows. I would like hear people's thoughts on these.

First off I am thinking of a wine review show.  I am thinking of hosting myself, but think I may want to find a 2nd host. Not sure if I can pull it off alone, but also think it could be interesting to hear 2 takes on the same wine since everyone's tastes are different.

My second thought is another cooking show, but focused on recipe creation. One of my favorite things to do is take a meal idea and try to come up with a recipe from scratch. I will look at some recipes to get an idea on the standard ingredients, but then I will come up with my own proportions and make tweaks each time I make it until I feel I have something good. I some people would like to see the evolution of a creation and mistake and successes that can arise. People could also suggest a meal they would like to see created.

We are still planning on bringing back The Anodized Chef. Still need to finish the set and wait for the chef to get motivated again.