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Insomnia White Wine Blend 2010

 Aromatics: (12 pts) Cut Grass, Orange Blossoms, and Rose hips, with a slight metallic note on the back of the nose (makes me think of silver).

Taste: (13 pts) Strong citrus flavors, mainly Lime and Orange. Floral finish reminiscent of Lavender, Hibiscus, and Mint. The finish is a lingering Grapefruit flavor, which sticks around for a couple minutes. 

Overall: (17 pts) Very acidic. Very little flavor as it first hits the tongue, but then the strong Citrus flavors explode on the mid palate. Settles into a floral finish.  One of the longest finishing whites that I have had. 

42 Point Total.

Specific varietals are not listed, but I want to say it is primarily Sauvignon Blanc  .

Breathed in the bottle for 2 hours at room temperature at the time of the review. 

Pale Yellow; Light Bodied; Long Finish. 

 $8 in Mass.

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