Welcome to the Anodized Chef

We are in the process of reviving the Anodized Chef cooking show complete. We are happy to be bringing back the original host along with a new host who is a good friend of ours (and a good cook in his own right).

Our plan is to release a new episode every other week where we will teach you how to cook some great tasting food while also introducing you to some music that we like that you may not have heard before. Most episodes will focus on a recipe for a single course, though we have a couple ideas to switch things up a bit. 

Metal music will still be a big part of the show, but we will probably be diverging a bit more than we did in the past. Between the three of us on the Anodized Chef team we have a very broad range of musical tastes, so you never know what may appear.

You can come follow us on Facebook to get more up to date information. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates when we release new episode, view old episodes of the previous run, and you just might be able to see some live footage while we are shooting an episode.