An amalgam of all things New York, Desolate is a metal crossover outfit on a mission to spread their brand. With their Latest EP out entitled "STILLHERE", Desolate is known to engage in a rigid live performance schedule. The band now looks to show the world its unyielding thirst to deliver. Desolate is a five piece band from Washington Heights, New York City. Formed in 2001 by founding members Abe Rivera (Vocals) and Jeff Martinez (Guitar).

Desolate has created a brutal collection of songs over the years and is unleashing them through their current lineup of permanent member Jessica Pimentel (Bass) and a cast of Desolate "All-Stars" that include:
Earl Maneein, Violin 
Nick Serr, Guitar
Roach Mcpoach, Angel Cotte, John Tyler on Drums.

Desolate has since gone on to refine their musical styling while maintaining their original identity.