Ashes Within plays brutal, honest music. They don’t try to emulate a style, or fit into any particular arcane sub-genre of the metal scene. In an era of posture and pretense, they are a band whose music demands to be listened to. "This music is our collectively distilled response to both personal and global events. Things aren’t pretty out there, and they’re degenerating daily. We feel like the music we’re writing is perhaps the only rational response to the things going on around us.

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Tour Dates
Nov 10, 2012 New York, NY Gussy's Bar & Grille Details
Nov 14, 2012 Norfolk, VA Stonehouse Lounhe Details
Nov 24, 2012 Brooklyn, NY Knitting Factory Details
Nov 30, 2012 Newburgh, NY Pub 51 Details
Dec 1, 2012 Pittsburgh, PA Kopec's Details
Dec 2, 2012 Philadelphia, PA JR's Bar Details